Youth Group Drives Hygiene and Sanitation Home

Think of equipping youth on how to transform homes in terms of proper hygiene and Sanitation, then you will have driven your point home.  Got Aciku village is one of the villages in Kucwiny Sub-county in Nebbi district that had a lot of challenge in terms of keeping hygiene and sanitation of the place.

This attracted many WASH-related diseases like diarrhea, stomachache, and Cholera. Triggering took place in October 2016 by Water School Uganda in partnership with SNV- Uganda. The households started slowly to pick up the idea of changing their homes in terms of proper hygiene and sanitation. This propelled the youth to rise up and led to the formation to “Par Pi  Lengo  youth  group’’ literally meaning think of sanitation and hygiene.

This group comprises 40 members both male and female. After receiving the training from field officers, the members of the group ensured that every home had all the required sanitation and hygiene facilities. As a result of the group’s efforts, Got Aciku village has turned to be the model village in the sub- county. The village even hosted the Minister Of State for Primary Health Care on 19th July 2017.

There is increase in latrine coverage with hand washing facilities hence decrease in WASH-related diseases “Improved hygiene and sanitation is the way to fight diarrhoea diseases’’ The youth group that was formed is being used by the Sub County authority to trigger other villages within to reach their level and this has impacted positively.

Youths’ vision, passion and resilience can be a formidable force for community transformation