Success Stories

Rain water Harvesting Tank Brings Life Back in Farming

Farming is the key economic activity that helps people in rural areas move out of financial crisis. However, there are challenges associated with it such as limited water supply since water  is an essential component. Ms. Nvannungi Esther a resident of Kampoomera village, Masuliita Sub-county, Wakiso district thought of joining farming so that she could get finances to  keep her home running since she was abandoned by her husband, yet she has two children to look after.

Ms. Nvannungi decided to start poultry, piggery and cattle farming on top of crop growing on her land.  However, to her disappointment, this did not last long due to limited water supply to sustain all these projects given the long distance from her home  to   the only water source in her area. As a result, she had to first abandon some of the projects only to remain with cattle and crop growing which also relied on the very unpredictable rains for water supply.

With the ongoing Rain water Harvesting Project using Ferro-Cement tanks in homes, school and Health Centres in Masuliita  Sub-County,  Ms. Nvannungi’s home did not miss a 6,000 litres tank.. After receiving this tank, she revived her dream and revived the Piggery project since a water source was new in the center of her home. This made it very easy to get water for her projects and domestic requirements.
 The household was also trained in how to make the harvested water safe for human consumption through solar disinfection (SODIS). She attests; “When I thought of all these projects, there was one thing I could not afford and that was the water yet all my projects needed a nearby and reliable source.  Lack of water disturbed me a lot because as you can see I couldn’t

I carry three Jerricans a day, yet I needed more than ten Jerricans per day in order to feed the animals and do domestic work. I started selling my animals as a result to readily provide the adequate amount of water. However, with this tank in my home, I could not wait to restock my Piggery and poultry projects on top of improving my sanitation and hygiene in my home.  I am now working on even expanding the housing facilities.”