Sharing The Knowledge

“I have lived in this community long enough to know that not much attention is given to having a well-constructed pit la-trine with a hand washing facility. I used to have a temporary structure without a door and the roof. As a family we did not consider having a good pit latrine an important issue.” says John Opio.

Opio did not understand the importance of practicing proper WASH in a home. The 75 years old married man whose income depends on farming confirms that before the WASH training in his village, his home faced a lot of challenges associated with WASH-related diseases which caused him to spend a lot of hard earned money.

After the triggering session, he was moved to construct a new latrine for his house-hold given the knowledge and skills he had attained. He also put up other facilities for hand washing, bathing, drying utensils, and refuse pits, that are key in any WASH sensitive homestead. He testified that; “I was always ashamed to show my visitors where to ease themselves when they asked for it but after constructing my good pit latrine, I am not ashamed anymore. I also feel comfortable hosting visitors since my compound is clean.

I have even joined a Savings and Loaning Group to save be-cause the diseases that used to consume my money on treatment are no more.”
John did not keep this to himself but spread it to the next village-Pacen, Atyak Sub-County where he farms. These people were initially defecating in the bush but now many are constructing new latrines in their various households.

John Opio is from Ayibu village, Abaji Parish, Jangokoro Sub-county in Zombo district.