Success Stories

Child-led Transformation

“You would be so surprised at the striking beauty and arrangement in our home. The decorations on our latrine, the nice handwashing facility with a soap holder, the plate rack on which we process drinking water using the SODIS method and the overall excellent maintenance of the home started from what seemed to be a simple visit to our school by Water School staff.

What struck me most was the idea that we did not need to have much money to make our home beautiful.  Going back  home,  I tried out the idea of improving our pit latrine by smearing with dark colored soil and drawing flowers on the walls. My school-mate helped me and it was fun organizing homes and setting up WASH facilities. The neat work started creating interest in the neighborhood.

 I was very surprised when my uncle offered to pay me some money if I could mud his house and pit latrine. I was over-joyed this being my first time to earn such an amount of money. Having done the job so well, other people asked me to improve their homes while others picked up the idea of having better organized and re- fined homes.

From my earnings realized, I saved and bought myself a sheep and as you move through our village, you cannot miss the beauty and orderliness that is spreading from what seemed to be a simple visit to our school.”
By: Dan Hafash’Imana, a pupil of Chihe Primary    School