Success Stories

Harvesting Money from Decomposed Rubbish

I am rich because of what I learnt from Water School Uganda. I can testify of how I suffered due to diseases like diarrhea, cough, malaria, typhoid and headache. This caused me to spend a lot on medical treatment. I no longer have those diseases ever since I received knowledge about Safe water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH).

Now I own a well-constructed pit latrine with a tippy tap for hand washing, a plate rack, a rubbish pit, and generally my compound is clean. There is increase in the harvest of my oranges due to composite manure from the rubbish pit which I  put  under  the  orange trees.

I have fifty orange trees from which I can harvest 2 bags per tree per season. Each bag fetches around USD 95. Water School Uganda is a project that ensures people are healthy and wealthy. When you are healthy, then you are rich.”

Okello Julius Stephen is married with 8 children and they live in Awaliwal village, Awaliwal parish, Soroti district. He is our program champion who promotes practicing excellent WASH in Awaliwal community.